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iSpeak English 2
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English 101: The art of learning, without learning
(Please read the text out loud with me)

Correct me if I'm wrong, but if you are reading this text, I am confident you are here because you want to learn or improve your English. 


Everybody has a story, and I would love to hear yours. As a native speaker, I offer you a different approach to learning outside the box. There is an opportunity for us to work on those areas that matter most to you. From there, we can move forward and improve the English you already know. As a result, you will be enhancing your verbal and non-verbal communication skills so you may become a better communicator and business professional. Also, we will work on helping you confidently engage in small talk and develop rapport. Finally, improving your listening skills and becoming more fluid (the natural music of any language) is at the top of the list for mastering English.


Often, it's not a matter of the pedagogical approach that works for you...but your desire to learn English in a way that works best for you. Some students require different approaches to learning a language. It's not who teaches you English but, more importantly, the methodology. Are you learning your way or the teacher's way?

Areas of high importance are:

  • Listening

  • Reading (out loud)

  • Speaking

"Are you learning your way or the teacher's way?"

Available VIA

Online or In Person

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